Sunday, February 23, 2014

  Lets try this again. Its been almost a year since I last posted and it literally makes me cringe to look at my last 15 posts. BUT I am a new woman, more mature and ready to give this blog thing the old college try! I sit in my bed at 10:37pm listening to 5 I repeat 5 sorority girls talk about sorority girl things in my kitchen and I can only compare the sound to a chainsaw against bone, not to be dramatic, or creepy. I type this as I take a break from my Vampire Diaries watching binge, so full of pasta I might actually explode, life is hard.

   I'm tired, there was so much I wanted to say but my want for sleep has driven all my thought from my head. I will be better tomorrow, already making excuses for shitty blog posts, I like how this is starting. Well considering my eyes are more squinted than an 80 year old asian women right now (sorry) I think its time for me to end this day. Goodnight world, see you when the sun wakes.

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