Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Not sure why I've gotten into this habit of posting so late... I just dont have time during the day between watching Gossip Girl and contemplating my life choices. BUT Xgames weekend was a success and I have the pictures to prove it. Like I said before I was determined to meet pros and pros I did meet. Let me just show you what happens when Anna meets professional athletes.... nothing good. 

And thats not my phone... I MIGHT of been a little bit nervous. My friend asked me to take a picture of her and an athlete I accidentally excited out of the camera and forgot how to open it again (I own an iphone) when she handed it back to me I proceded to throw it across the room... at least I made a lasting impression? 

HELLO! So fine and I'm not talking about myself. 

Oh and Scotty Lago...


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